Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday, 4/20/18

Morgan HR
GREEN TEAM:  Addy, Ethan, Josh L, Hannah and Connor

Xman HR
ORANGE TEAM: Xander, Olivia H, Courtney, Celeste and Ashlynn

Culp HR
PURPLE TEAM: Dominic, Nick, Regan, Jackson and Nate

Last week or geocache broke.  This week we used another glass jar but it is located close to the ground and should not break. This jar is bigger, so should be easier to locate. I want to thank Gavin for hiding it. 

Since the degree of difficulty is high (more remote than normal, no coordinates), let's make this interesting.

If you sign the log I will give you:

  • 300-points
  • A piece of candy
  • You may choose one friend to sit next to for the week.

Pictures of the Week...
I haven't been good at taking pictures that last few weeks.  I tried to make up for it this week. :)  

This week we did a DNA extraction lab, and started Factors of Production and Cell Analogy projects.  

  DNA Extraction lab--
  This week we did a DNA extraction lab where kids got to see    their own DNA.

  The Cell Analogy Project...DUE DATE: FRIDAY 4/27

  Factors of Production Project...DUE DATE: TUESDAY 4/24

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday, 4/13/18

Simon's Last Day :(.....
Simon moved and will be attending a different school starting on Monday.  Simon, you are an amazing kid, your cheerful personality and bow-ties will be greatly missed by your class.  Good luck in all you do!!

I want to thank Kraig for hiding this week's geocache. We are doing this cache old-school style-- no latitude or longitude.  Use the pictures and screenshots to help you locate its location.  I will give 200 points for those who sign the log. that General Beans?

Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday, 3/23/18

Morgan: Ava, Ian, Austin, Preston and Brady
Xman: Olivia, Danielle, Harrison, Kaitlyn and Emma
Culp: Regan, Mason, Nick, Danica and Gavin

Extra Credit...
It seems that some of us had a problem with the 5 Major Religions test.  No worries, I have extra credit for those that want to work for it over break.  I sent everyone an assignment on Google Classroom that will be used as extra-credit.  If you complete it before the deadline (Tuesday, April 3rd at 8:30am) you may earn up to 10 test points that will be added on to your test score. I fear that many of you that need the extra credit may forget about it over break, and if that is the case, then did you ever really want the extra credit? You gotta want it!!

I want to thank Seth for hiding our geocache this week. I added some pictures to help you. Have a wonderful break kids!!!

latitude: 39.8590733
longitude: -83.10270489999999

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, 3/16/18

Morgan:Austin, Ava, Jenna, Braylon, and Connor
Xman: Ashlyn, Jayden, Ian, Nick and Celeste
Culp: Nate, Ally, Sydney, Jackson and Gavin

I want to thank Ava for hiding this geocache.  She hid it in a clever spot too, complete with a clue that is also quite clever. 

Please note that the cache is on private property but we have permission to hide and look for the cache here. 

Lattitude: 39.8785
Longitude: -83.0691

Clue:  If you look you will "see" it clearly.

Good luck and have a WONDERFUL extended weekend. 

Pictures of the Week.....
Edible soil--