Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday, 2/16/18

Morgan: Ethan, Josh, Gianna, Ava and AJ
Xman: Jack, Courtney, Olivia H, Natalie, McKenna
Culp: Owen, Mason, Keegs, Mia, Drew

Big thanks to Cheyenne for hiding this week's geocache. Cheyenne couldn't get an accurate reading on her gps, so we are going back to what we did before and using satellite images. 300 team points for anyone who signs it. Good luck and have a great weekend!!


Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday, 2/9/18

Morgan Homeroom: Landon, Josh, Ian, Ava and Ani
Xman Homeroom:  Sohan, Jayden, Courtney, Olivia and Linley
Culp Homeroom:  Owen, Abby, Nick, Drew and Keegs
**You may bring in HEALTHY snack next week for each other. 

I want to thank Keegs for hiding this weeks geocache.  It is on public property, but I would be careful about loitering too long!!  :)  Very clever.

Hint:  It's underneath a bush.

Pictures of the Week....
Unfortunately, I didn't take too many pictures this week.  

Here are pictures from our lab identifying streak, color and luster of various minerals.

Pictures from the ice cream party we earned.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday, 2/2/18

Morgan Homeroom: Aaron, Ava, Preston, Josh, and Ian.
Xman Homeroom: Ian, Linley, Natalie, Courtney, and Alex.
Culp Homeroom: Nick N, Gavin, Abby, Danica, and Lucas B


This week's geocache was hidden by the Kosloskis his this one and its a doozy!!  It comes with some instructions-

  • It's not on public property but we have permission to hide it there.
  • The geocache is outside.
  • There is a relationship between the type of container the geocache is and the name of the place it's hidden. 

Lattitude: 39.88441  

Longitude: -83.09727

I am also giving you one picture.

I will give a piece of candy and 300 team points for whoever signs the log!!  Good luck and have a wonderful weekend. 

**Bonus 200 points if you can tell me why these longitude coordinates have a negative (-) sign in front of them.

Pictures of the Week....

Fed Ex Day Presentations--
These were much better this time around.  You had a better grasp of the science behind them. I was really impressed.  I want to thank the parents for coming up with most of the supplies for these exploratory science experiences.